add "assignedBy" and "createdBy" in PlannerTask from Graph API

add "assignedBy" and "createdBy" in PlannerTask from Graph API



 Mar 30 2023


We are creating a Planner task by using application permissions and we have the option to assign (AssignTo) the task to any user but we don't have any options to pass the AssignBy or created by in-planner task creation request.


By default these two values are handled from the API level :

1. In case of application permission(ClientCredentials) it added ApplicationID in CreatedBy and AssignedBy.


2. In case of delegated permission: It added login user as created by and assignedBy over API level.


Our requirement: 

By using application permission, we need to pass the "assigned by" user's ID from our side.


Below are the issues we have raised:






Our application totally depends on assigned To and assigned By tasks, So these two values are the decision makers for our application's successful integration with MS365 or Planner. 


Please guide us to adding Assigned By from the client side, currently, our development process is blocked due to this problem.


Thanks and Regards,

Manoj Pant.