Add LicenseReconciliationNeeded property

Add LicenseReconciliationNeeded property



 Sep 14 2021

MSOnline Powershell provides access to a property on MsolUser objects to determine whether O365 thinks the user currently has a mailbox without a license (where one is needed).


Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName | ConvertTo-Json
"LicenseReconciliationNeeded": true,


A description of this property can be found here:


MSGraph doesn't appear to provide an equivalent property on the user object.


This property is particularly useful (for me, anyway) where you have shared mailboxes not requiring a license. Sometimes, following migration LicenseReconciliationNeeded is set to $true and we need to assign & then remove a license to clear the flag so that the mailbox isn't removed after 30 days.