Add functionality to query ToDo API with groups

Add functionality to query ToDo API with groups



 Mar 25 2023
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In the UI, lists of tasks can be grouped together 


However, the current API does not expose any information about what group a list belongs to.


It would be massively helpful to have:

  • a GET for all groups .../me/todo/groups
  • a GET for all lists within a group .../me/todo/groups/{groupId}/lists
  • the id of the containing group (if any) to be exposed on the todoTaskList object


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Hey, just checking, have you solved this somehow? I'm currently working on an app that needs an endpoint that behaves like your feature request, however I was unable to find any api endpoint that returns this info (I've check v1 and beta). I realize that this is a feature request, however a lot of times, people solve their feature request using some obscure weird "trick", so just checking whether you had any luck finding something like this :D

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@tdiblik no, not found anything yet...