Add API for Excel double click event

Add API for Excel double click event



 Jun 21 2021
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Currently there is onSingleClicked, but no API to detect a user double clicking on a cell.


We're rewriting our Excel addin to use the JS API and need this event to allow user interaction.

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This is also a hook that we have used in our COM Excel Addin and one that we would very much need if we were going to be able to convert over to the Excel Addin using the JavaScript API.  I feel like this must have been intentionally omitted.  Cell Double Click event is available in a COM Excel Addin using the Excel Interop.  You receive the target in the event handler and you have the ability to cancel the edit mode as well.  This is ideal when trying to implement report "drilling" functionality whereby a user can "double click" on a report balance to initiate another report query that ultimately provides underlying detail.  


The only thing I can think of is that because the event handler runs asynchronously and returns a promise, the ability to "cancel" the cell edit mode may not be practical vs the COM Addin where the event handler runs synchronously and within the same Excel process.  But I cannot imagine that this event was left out on accident or that the developers didn't anticipate this event being widely leveraged.