Add alerting to outlook mail rules

Add alerting to outlook mail rules



 Jan 12 2022

At the moment, email alerts in Outlook are only triggered for emails that come into the inbox.

As a result, you must either:

* setup rules to organise emails

* want to receive notifications about inbound mail.


For automated alert emails, the desktop notifications are a must, but as a result, my inbox gets flooded with automated emails and takes time to require sorting.


Functionality to be able to add outlook rules that _still_ send desktop alerts means I can send 'alert' emails to another inbox, but still get notifications.

This would have several benefits:

 * Emails don't need manual filtering after being received

 * Batches of emails from the same service that are put into a folder can be 'marked as read' or deleted easily

 * Emails that are put into folder via rules are not missed due to lack of notification.


I imainge that a new 'action' on the email rules to 'trigger a desktop notification' would sort this perfectly.