Microsoft Defender e-mail notification for user reported messages

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I've configured, on Settings -> Email and Collaboration, on User Reported Settings, and Email notifications, some predefined message to be sent when we classify the reported emails, as Phishing, SPAM or No Threats Found.

The problem is that even though I use empty lines to create the message, the email has all the text in the same paragraph, which has an horrible look when reaches a user inbox.

According to MS support, this is by default like this, which I could not really believe, as from a User Experience point of view is really odd.
Anyone using this feature that has the same pain and found some option to overcome this issue?

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try to write the text in notepad and copy it from there and check if your issue will remain.


Thanks for the tip. I just did that, but remains just the same, everything I write has not any formatting.

one more thing to try is write your message in an HTML code and copy paste it and see if the output will change
I've tried HTML code, but it's the same.
I've opened a ticket, and MS says it's default like that, not possible to customize anything.