Microsoft 365 Defender - asset rule management - rule creation failed

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I'm trying to use the new Asset rule management preview feature under Settings --> Microsoft 365 Defender --> Asset rule management. I go through the steps to create my first rule, which is to select existing devices that have the Windows OS and have a particular tag applied to them and then assign another tag to them. It gets all the way to the final screen with green checkmarks throughout and says it will apply to 284 devices, but when I hit the final OK, it just says "Rule Creation Failed. Something went wrong and we couldn't create the rule. Try again later."  I tried again later and it still fails. Anyone get this feature to work?




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@Blueberry1969 Hi, since this feature is under preview, sometimes it might not work as expected. 


if you issue persists, I suggest opening a ticket with the security team to check your tenant in the background. 

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Hi Robert, please try again now - a fix just got deployed and should solve your issue. Let me know if it works 🙏🏼
Great! It works now. Thank you Heike. We love your video series! My team watches one of your videos every few weeks to increase our knowledge about the Microsoft security solutions. Thank you for the prompt fix on this new feature.
Wonderful, thanks for confirming and thank you for your kind words about my videos :)