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Adios Defenders,


Does anyone know how to bypass the data limit of 10000 rows


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You can use the api to get 100k rows? Typically you'd only use more than a few 100's of rows if you plan to export the data, to make it human readable (much less than 10k), try the summarize or where operators : and
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As far as I am aware, the limit is fixed. The trick is to get your query down beneath the limit by imposing criteria in the most efficient order. You can view a shorter period of time, a more limited group of devices or simply remove data irrelevant to the threat you are hunting. I cannot be more specific as I typically work with EXO, but even then our tenancy is big enough to slam straight into the limits if I tried to eat everything.
Will implement this Thanks !!
This is the most updated AH API :

You can leverage it to get up to 100K records