Jquery compatibility issue with Microsoft 365 Defender Add-on for Splunk

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We are using Microsoft 365 Defender Add-on for Splunk, we are seeing the below error for this TA


This app is not compatible with jQuery 3.5.splunk
VersioMicrosoft 365 Defender Add-on for Splunk
Remote Version
Application Path
Required Action
Do one of the following:
1. Petition the developer to update the app
2. Uninstall the app from the app listing page.
3. Take ownership of the app and override existing code (not recommended).

Can someone please help me out, how to mitigate this issue please.

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Based on the version inside your question, looks like you are using an unofficial add-on, Splunk has released an official Splunk supported add-on https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/6207/ We suggest to move to that one. Documentation there also includes instructions on how to migrate from the unsupported version.