Clone or update Default Alert Policy

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I'm looking for the best way to extend the email recipients on a default alert policy.


The alert policy is "User restricted from sending email", and the GUI doesn't allow for adding additional email recipients.


Is there a way to clone that policy?  I don't see anyway to do that.


How could I create my own version of this policy?  I couldn't see how to replicate it.  None of the "Activity" options correlate to what's seen on the interface.


I looked at Azure Active Directory to see if there were any audit logs I could pull from there, but again, I don't see anything in AAD that could help correlate.


Ideally I'd like to clone the Alert Policy in Office 365 Security & Compliance, does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this?




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In case anyone comes across this. Apparently you can delete the default alert recipient and then add whatever recipients you need. I hope someone can add that info to the GUI so that it is more obvious.