Built-in Protection for Microsoft Defender is now Generally Available!


With the purpose of providing users with a baseline level of security, Microsoft made built-in protection for Microsoft Defender generally available on November 2022.

  1. Built-in protection is turned on by default for the paid Microsoft Defender for Office 365 tenants.

  2. The built-in protection enforces the Safe Links and Safe Attachments policy and prevents users from malicious phishing attempts & malicious software installations.

  3. Lately, Microsoft rolled out the option to set exclusions for some users, groups, and domains. (This is not a recommended approach).

As part of built-in protection, Microsoft has turned on Tamper Protection, and it plans to add other default settings to built-in protection shortly.


Currently, Microsoft's introduction of various security features is paying off really well. Let’s hope for more best security settings from Microsoft in the future!

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