Action Center showing a lot of Failed status

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So I have assumed responsibility of the MS 365 Defender security role. I was going through the Action Center history and found some alarming things. Almost all of the automated actions have failed for an unknown length of time. I have gone as far back as the past 30 days. Every Automated email action has a Failed status when not specifically listing an status or entity in the 'Decision' or 'Decided by' columns.




Of those that failed, i can on them individually and choose to 'Open in Explorer' and there I can then select all and go for the soft delete action. But that is getting tedious to have to do that for every action, we are talking literally thousands.


What is the cause of this and how do I fix it?

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It's difficult to tell what kind of issue this is. It might be helpful to have a support ticket open to research this further. In the meantime, you could select one of those failed actions to view the side-panel page. On this page there should be a section titled latest delivery action. This section would say whether e-mails remain in mailboxes by providing a count and would be a good indicator of the current status of the emails.