M365 Copilot CoE

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Is Copilot's CoE a free download or we need to get it from our EAP CSA?

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Nothing Free. As of now M365 Copilot in Paid private Preview for Enterprise customers.
GA from 1st Nov 2023 . But i think preference is to EAP customers.

@SharmaNeeraj 365 Copilot EAP is not free, which I understood. What I am asking is if its CoE is free on GitHub, if so what is its download URL. If the CoE is not free, how can we get access to it. We already have 365 Copilot enabled on our 365 tenant. Thanks!

Not yet as per best of my knowledge . in case i got lucky to find, i will share.
meanwhile you can have a look on adoption stuff ( in case you not visited earlier )
Thanks Sharma!
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Hi @ZeweiDFS,


You are correct - you can work with your CSA to learn more about and to get the Copilot CoE.


@cr13 is correct: once your 365 Copilot CSA assign you access to EAP's early access site, you can find the instructions to set the CoE team in your tenant.