Copilot for Non-Microsoft Applications

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I see that the Copilot experience within the Microsoft product suite (Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), can be extended to leverage non-Microsoft data/apps by the use of Graph Connectors and plugins.   


Does Microsoft have any plans to support embedding CoPilot within non-Microsoft applications?  Allowing Co-Pilot to be accessed by non-Microsoft applications via API?  If so, are there any tentative dates?  Thanks!

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@LUDOVIK DOPIERALA My understanding is that creating a plugin allows data/functionality from non-Microsoft applications to be incorporated into the copilot experience in Teams and other Microsoft products.


My question is different.  Can Copilot be embedded into non-Microsoft applications or can the Copilot service by accessed outside of Microsoft applications (via API)?

Copilot is lot of thing, basically :
You can create connector to add some information into the Semantic Index : retreive information
You can create connector to do some action : execute task into your application
@rokal000, @Ludovik DOPIERALA, I appreciate the insights shared here. I believe the question boils down to whether Microsoft CoPilot can be integrated into non-Microsoft applications...

For now, it seems that Microsoft has not officially announced any plans to support embedding CoPilot within non-Microsoft applications.

It’s exciting to think about the potential of AI-powered services like CoPilot being more universally accessible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for future developments!:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::victory_hand:

You can Bring external data into your Microsoft 365 Copilot :

Yes, great! thanks