Switching from Hybrid to Cloud Only

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Hi all,


We're working on a project with M365 wherein all data has been moved to SharePoint and all reliance on on-prem AD has been migrated.


We'd like to nuke AD completely (no longer using GPO etc) but a lot of the machines in this environmetn are Hybrid-Joined. Is there a method to move from Hybrid Join to AzureAD only joined?

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@domkirby I actually ran this exact scenario by the Azure AD team while attending Ignite this year and their answer was No.  The only way forward is to disjoin the on prem domain, decomission the domain, re-join the Azure AD and make sure to account for user profile content as that will have to be moved into the new profiles setup w/ the Azure AD join.

Hi @davidpr, do you remember if you had to use a profile migration tool when moving the user profile data to the new AAD user profile?

Hey @michaelvaldes. Yes, at this point there is nothing that links / moves old profile data over to a new profile so you will need to either use a tool or manually move all the user data over to their new profiles AAD only profiles.