What’s new in Microsoft 365 user management for April 2019

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We’ve updated quite a few features in user management in the Microsoft 365 admin center in April. These updates will help make completing your day to day tasks more efficient, and we’re continuing to improve these core experiences over the next few months.


Password management

You may have noticed that the way passwords work has changed a bit. We now support a maximum password length of 256 characters, which can help you improve the security of your organization by making your passwords harder to hack.





For our hybrid customers, we have implemented support for password writeback. This Azure Active Directory premium feature allows admins to reset passwords for users synced via AAD connect. This means that you can now reset passwords in the online portal for these users.

Updated experiences

We’ve been busy ensuring that the efficiency improvements you’ve seen us apply to the Active users list will span across all our user management features. You’ll continue to see us shipping updates here over the next few months.

Updated experiences include:

  • Add user
    add users.png


  • Delete userdeleteuser.png


  • Block userblockuser.png
  • Contacts
  • Manage username
  • Manage aliases


The changes are rolling out now, and you should see them soon. We are excited to continue bringing more updated experiences to you in the coming months and look forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section below.


Regular Contributor

This is great but we still desperately need a copy user option. 


@Jeff Harlow we hear this pretty frequently and know it's a pain point today. We're working on a feature that allows you to create a template from a user to reuse when creating a new user. 

Regular Contributor

a template would be great.  On that line, maybe something like a Sales Template or Management Template.   We have always just used the copy user option in AD which is something that we desperately need in Azure. Thanks! 

Senior Member

Finally! Been waiting for support for longer passwords some years. 


@ViktorHedberg I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm glad we've been able to make it available for you now.

Regular Visitor

Any update on syncing User account expiry from Active Directory to Azure AD ? 

Senior Member

Anything to make user admin easier and less time consuming is welcome.


This is great news! Have you also done some updates regarding granular password policies?




@Anuj_Rana not any that I'm aware of


@LindsayAddie that's our goal! Let me know if you have any requests. 


@lindoe Glad you think so! We recently released password protection which allows you to define words and phrases that you want to ban or limit your end users from using. Is this what you're looking for?



@Pontus T ikr? 


Does this work for Azure B2B guest accounts as well ?

New Contributor

The screenshot of the "Delete user" experience/panel appears to show the same "off-boarding" wizard/options that was available in the previous Admin Center interface. That doesn't appear to be available yet within the tenants we manage. We do see the updated "Add user" experience, so I'm guessing these rewritten interfaces are just taking time to roll out.


I look forward to having the "off-boarding" wizard/options available in the updated interface. Currently I need to switch back temporarily to have all the extra options when deleting a user. While this can be scripted via PS, oftentimes, it's a User Administrator that is navigating the Admin Center for on/off-boarding 

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