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One of the first tasks in the transition of your organization to Microsoft 365 Enterprise is to understand:

  • What elements of my on-premises infrastructure need to be upgraded, migrated, or moved completely to the cloud?
  • What components of Microsoft 365 Enterprise replace third party products that I have?

The answers to these questions will give you a big-picture view of what’s involved. For a quick assessment exercise, see the new Transition Your Organization to Microsoft 365 Enterprise poster.




Print the 2-page poster and go through it row-by-row, making check marks for the products or services in your existing infrastructure. For each row with a check mark, use the QR code or the link to go to an online resource for more details.


You can:

  • View the poster and click on the links.
  • Download and print it in letter, legal, or tabloid (11 x 17) formats.

Use this resource to quickly create a grocery list of the products, services, and elements of your existing infrastructure that need to be transitioned or phased out.


The sooner you know the big picture of what’s involved, the sooner you can begin addressing each check mark to digitally transform your business.


Joe Davies

Microsoft Senior Technical Writer

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