Enabling Remote Work Weekly Roundup - May 11-15
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Check out some amazing content in our Enabling Remote Work weekly roundup!


Top Conversations

How can I export Attendee list from Microsoft Teams Live events session using Microsoft Graph API?

@marcelocasaca wondered about how to use Microsoft Graph APIs to extract a attendee list from a live session from Microsoft Teams. Microsoft employee Val Ramos and MVP Reza Ameri offered helpful advice.


Building A Highly Available Remote Desktop Gateway Farm integrated with Azure MFA

Mahmoud A. Atallah shared a how-to article on building a RD Gateway with Azure MFA for secure work and familiar experience across a variety of devices or web browsers.


Change default meeting length in Outlook - Avoid Back-to-Back meetings!

Karl Vietmeier shared a piece from their VP’s all up blog posting specific to changing meeting length on how to schedule meetings to conclude five minutes before the end of the hour or half hour. This shortens your time together slightly but goes a long way towards avoiding potential burnout from uninterrupted back-to-backs.


Being inclusive in virtual meetings

MVP Simon Binder shared a detailed list of their struggles of virtual meetings and how they’ve overcome them!


The BIG WFH Office pictures!

MVP Simon Binder asked the community to post pictures of their work from home setup, receiving quite a few responses.


Enable Remote Work

Fluid Framework: How one Microsoft team breaks real-time collaboration barriers

You might have heard about the new Fluid Framework that’s been in an early public preview since Q4 of 2019. In a nutshell, it’s a new technology and set of experiences that will make collaboration seamless between people of all disciplines by breaking down the barriers between apps in Microsoft 365. The Fluid Framework is on a journey to make work more adaptable, flexible and focused —no matter where the content is edited or shared it’s always connected. We have tried out this technology here at Microsoft to achieve a higher degree of remote collaboration. 


3 Microsoft Teams apps for running productive standups while working remotely

As everyone adjusts to the “new normal” of remote work, even agile development teams are learning how to adapt “in-office” processes to function in a remote work environment. A common reaction is to shift all rituals and meetings, like the daily standup, online – however, this is a missed opportunity to make full use of the situation to determine 1) whether the meeting was effective in the first place, and 2) whether there are other approaches and tools to enhance the process to fit the current environment and future.


Resources for Remote Workers

Working remotely webinar

In this difficult time, remote work is becoming the new normal for many companies around the world. Part of this new normal is increased focus on implementing stricter security controls and data loss prevention policies within the solutions that already exist within your environment. We understand that you may be looking at our portfolio of solutions and trying to better understand how we can help provide the appropriate balance of security and productivity.


Hacking At Home, Together: Microsoft MVPs Hack For Change

The coronavirus pandemic is a global moment of hardship, uncertainty, and mortal risk. But in this shared time of great adversity, there is collective concentration to innovate, investigate, and overcome. It is in this spirit that Microsoft MVPs came together from the comfort of their own quarantined homes to do just that.


Upcoming Events

May Webinars & Remote Work Resources

The Microsoft Federal team has been working hard to provide remote working skilling and instruction to our customers working remote. 


[Part 6 of Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365 Webcast Series] Modern devices to stay productive

We hope you have enjoyed our previous five episodes of the Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365 webcast series! Our sixth part will start on Wednesday, May 20 at 9:00 AM PT.  If you have missed any, don’t worry, they will all be available on-demand on the Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365 landing page.  


Join us for the new Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365 webcast series

Organizations everywhere are pivoting to a remote work environment, putting the needs of their employees, customers, and communities first. In an effort to continue supporting individuals and organizations each day, we’ve created a new three-part webcast series focusing on enabling remote work. As technology plays a vital role, now more than ever, we’ve paired the webcast series with helpful videos and guidance, to enable you to provide your employees with access to the right tools, resources, and expertise they need to become experts at working remotely.

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