Enabling Remote Work Weekly Roundup - April 1-5
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Check out some amazing content in our Enabling Remote Work weekly roundup!


Top Conversations

The BIG WFH Office pictures!

MVP Simon Binder asked the community to post pictures of their work from home setup, receiving quite a few responses.


Best Applications That Will Make Remote Work During Coronavirus More Comfortable

Eric Desuza shared a number of applications to help overcome the challenge of a remote work environment. MVP Reza Ameri also indicated Microsoft Teams as a viable option (including a free version) not listed in Eric’s post.


End user training for Microsoft Teams

Pavan Verma shared training resources to help users in your organization get the most out of Teams.


Skype vs Microsoft Teams which One is Better for Communication?

MVP Reza Ameri shared a post about two great communication tools, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, and how they apply to address different scenarios and requirements, which sparked some conversation about the blurred line between the products and the shift in focus towards Microsoft Teams over Skype.


Things You Shouldn’t Do While Working from Home

MVP Mark Rackley shared 10 things you shouldn’t do while working from home. Other community members responded positively.


Enable Remote Work

Excel for good: Supporting your child’s learning at home

We’re living in unprecedented times. For many, staying home and staying healthy while taking care of your family – and working remotely – are all of a sudden the new normal.


Enable remote collaboration quickly and securely with Azure AD

During these challenging times, we’ve continued to collaborate closely with our customers as they react to the COVID-19 outbreak. From helping schools move quickly to enable distance learning, to supporting IT departments rapidly scale to support remote working scenarios, we’re right there in supporting our customers and the needs of their students, employees and partners.


Setting Up Bookings for Virtual Visits

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has received overwhelming demand for early access to the Teams Bookings app to use for Virtual Visits as mentioned in this recent announcement around New capabilities in M365 to empower healthcare officials by Emma Williams, Corporate Vice President, Modern Workplace Transformation. Our product and engineering teams became so busy fulfilling the exceptions that it put the product’s general availability release schedule in extreme jeopardy.


Protecting your Teams with Azure Sentinel

Recent events have forced many organizations (including Microsoft) to move to a work from home model for their users. In order to ensure their users remain connected and productive they are turning to productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams. We have seen an unprecedented spike in Teams usage, and now have more than 44 million daily users, a figure that has grown by 12 million in just the last seven days. And those users have generated over 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams each day this week. My own team has significantly increased our usage of Teams over the last few weeks with more virtual meetings, corridor conversations becoming text chats, and virtual social times organized during lunch breaks.  


Attendee Limit Increase for Live Events Hosted with Microsoft 365

As more in person meetings, classes, conferences and communications move to an online format, Microsoft has been listening to our customers and their needs in order to help navigate the changing remote work landscape.  


Azure Lab Services Resources and References

The product team of Lab Services has now put together a list of resources to help affected academic institutions get started fast with virtual labs for their classrooms.


Manage work devices at home during Covid-19 using Configuration Manager

By current expert estimates, the COVID-19 pandemic may result in people working from home for an extended time. After adapting to sudden remote work using available devices at home, many organizations are beginning to allow corporate PCs and laptops to be taken home to work remotely. Millions of these PCs are currently being managed using on-premises tools such as Configuration Manager. When these devices are no longer on-premises and are not expected to “check in” to the corporate network for weeks, how do you ensure they remain managed and up-to-date?


Secure access to all apps for your remote workforce

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are turning to technology to help a remote workforce stay connected and productive. If you’re like most organizations, your employees use a lot of apps, from popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps—including collaboration services like Zoom, Cisco Webex, Workplace from Facebook, or Box—to legacy web and on-premises applications. By connecting all your apps and cloud resources to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you make it easy for remote workers to securely access the apps they need.


Getting Microsoft Access to Work Remotely

Ever wanted to use your Access database remotely? Great news, Microsoft Access can be used remotely under certain conditions.


Managing Patch Tuesday with Configuration Manager in a remote work world

The global health crisis has dramatically changed life for all of us. We are working to get you the information and guidance you need to keep your people productive and secure. Two weeks from today is Patch Tuesday, which will provide the April 2020 security update for supported versions of Windows.


Frequent questions about using Conditional Access to secure remote access

Industry trends and changes in the way we work usually span years, with organizations evolving at their own pace. But we're living in unusual times. Organizations asking employees to work from home to slow the spread of COVID-19 are making huge organizational and process changes in a matter of weeks, not years. For them, quickly enabling remote work while keeping company data safe presents new challenges and amplifies old ones.


Mastering Configuration Manager Bandwidth limitations for VPN connected Clients

We are Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) based in Germany focused on Microsoft Endpoint Manager related topics. Due to the current situation we get a lot of questions from our customers around Configuration Manger traffic for VPN connected Clients.


How the Planner Team uses Planner to stay productive while working remote

COVID-19 is changing every aspect of our daily lives. For many people, including those of us on the Microsoft Planner team, work has become completely remote—giving new meaning to words like “office” and “coworker.” Microsoft Teams and Planner are our new meeting room, break room, and water cooler. Our “coworkers” wear pajamas instead of business casual. They play with toys instead of Excel spreadsheets.


Zero Trust Assessment tool now live!

With such a large influx of employees working remotely, many of the traditional network-based security controls are unable to protect the organization. For many organizations, there are two options: route all remote traffic through a strained legacy network architecture, resulting in poor performance and user productivity; or relax restrictions and risk losing protection, control, and visibility. Many organizations are turning to Zero Trust security framework to better support remote work and manage risk.


Resources for Remote Workers

Helping IT send and provision business PCs at home to work securely during COVID-19

With so many organizations shifting to remote work, our teams are helping customers daily to understand how to provision new and existing PCs at home. The previous article in this series discussed some ideas to enable personal PCs and shared devices to help businesses implement remote work. In this article, we want to help you ship new business PCs to employees and provision them out-of-the-box without manual set up or your technical support.


April Webinars & Remote Work Resources

Check out a list of April webinars and remote work resources!

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