Enabling Remote Work Roundup 6/23-7/7
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Enable Remote Work

Drive effective meetings with Teams apps while working remote


Over the past few months, we’ve seen tremendous transformations take place as companies adapt to remote work environments. One key trend has been the rise of virtual meetings, as companies look to maintain their rhythm of business and keep human connections while working remote. However, as the volume of meetings increase, teams face challenges with management, efficacy, and engagement. To overcome some of these challenges, we’ll highlight a few popular Teams app integrations that can help you drive effective meetings while working remote.


Premier Offerings; WorkshopPLUS Azure Security Best Practices


G ‘day, I am Vic Perdana, Sr. PFE based in Melbourne, Australia. As COVID-19 forces people to work from home, the number of bad actors is ramping up as demonstrated by the increase of cyber-attacks globally, it is becoming *very* important to educate ourselves with ways we can protect our IT assets from being compromised. 


Resources for Remote Workers

Bring back ad hoc meetings to your remote workers!


I’ve had entire projects and my career pivot around who I’ve bumped into at the office at any given time. Whether it was the time a thoughtful co-worker shared why they were leaving the company or the time an Account Executive revealed a resource who could solve my customer’s exact problem, chance 1:1 encounters play a big part in our success.


Enabling remote work for IT pros


If you want to effectively manage your organization's devices—and ensure a secure, productive user experience—with the increased focus on remote work, check out our on-demand web series titled Enabling remote work for IT pros in the Business Continuity community. Each episode offers an in-depth look at what you can do immediately, in the next few weeks, and over the next few months to maintain control over, and help ensure the security of, your organization's devices while users are working away from your corporate networks. They also address frequently asked questions and offer links to step-by-step resources to help you implement the strategies and best practices discussed.


Godshall Recruiting moves to an all-remote workstyle in just a day with Microsoft 365


For more than 50 years, Godshall Recruiting in Greenville, South Carolina has successfully paired job candidates with employers using a proven process of phone screening and in-person interviews. Just a day after a statewide quarantine order in 2020, however, all 30 employees suddenly had to pivot to a new way of working: from home, with company-owned devices, and with all their documents and communication in Microsoft Teams.


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July Webinars & Remote Work Resources

Check out webinars and remote work resources for July for the public sector!



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