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The title is so misleading as Microsoft Stream has been part of M365 for ages. If you can recall, prior to this it was Office 365 Videos. It was a big deal then to move from Office 365 videos to Stream.So what’s primarily happening now looks like the videos in Stream are now stored in SharePoint or ...
The content is proceeding as a vision of the future The possibility of the area interests and human welfare acts are american based as foundation education to the content is just great and looking toward the next generation of changes priority of course
I like the idea that we can treat Videos like documents, in this case meaning they get included in the capacity planning for storage and can carry retention properties for deletion and removed as they get less relevant and viewed. 'Plan to Evolve' the video service gets easier.Seisteve.
I don't have the option to choose gallery view when using Lists from my personal account. Is there a setting I need to change to activate this as an option? I've used MS Lists through an enterprise account previously and consider the gallery view its best feature. Grateful for any advice on this.
Customizing default theme (thought this might be the only way to affect users across all groups instead of just a handful) doesn't seem to change anything except that the logo does appear for users. Is there anything needed other than modifying the default for users to get the color changes when sel...