Windows 10 OneNote and Office 365 Outlook, no way to add meeting notes to a meeting

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We're currently piloting some Surface Laptop 2s at my company and Office 365. I'm upgrading from Windows 10, Outlook 2016, and OneNote 2016 to Windows 10, Outlook Online, and Windows 10 OneNote. One of the biggest things I noticed was the "Meeting Notes" function was missing in the New Meeting set-up on Outlook. I've tried to manually add it to the ribbon, but it stays gray. Any ideas?

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Its still possible to use this feature but you might need to check your Outlook plugins to make sure that you have the right version

We're having the same issue. The above references OneNote 2016. When we pull OneNote 2016 off, and reinstall the Win10 app, there is NO outlook add-in in the com list. Any updates to this Microsoft?

Says here that "Microsoft has updated its add-ins for OneNote, such as providing integration with Outlook, to work with OneNote for Windows 10." Hmmm...


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Wish they would have mentioned a version. I just updated Outlook, but still didn't see any OneNote COM add-in. No updates for OneNote in the Microsoft Store either. Guess we wait!
They stopped adding the ear with 2016. If you have an enterprise license, the first time after upgrading your desktop and cloud apps won't have a year. I suspect in this new age of auto-upgrades, OS and Cloud apps, the need for the year is unimportant. It's your build.

@Scot Witt Like I said in my original post, I've upgraded to Windows 10, Office 365 Outlook, and Windows 10 OneNote (from the Microsoft Store), and there is still no add-in for OneNote Meeting Notes in Outlook.

I’m in the same situation. OneNote for windows 10, Outlook with Office 365 and no “Meeting Notes” function. I guess manually install OneNote 2016 would correct this but I’m reluctant to have a legacy version running in conjunction with a new one. The irony here is that I’ve worked in the past with Outlook 2016 and OneNote for Mac and the missing “Meeting Note” function was a big complain from Mac users (although it briefly appeared in an insider fast update last year). Happy to hear any update on this.


In the same situation as well.  We need to have a method on how to integrate the meeting notes back into O365 Outlook using the new Windows 10 version of OneNote.  Not having this feature has impacted our operations, additional time on projects, and customer collaborations.  This is HUGE!! I would know what was Microsoft thinking when they ripped this widely used application out of Office and place into their Windows 10 OS package. 

I can confirm that if you install Notes 2016, this functionality comes back, but as with others on this thread, I am very unhappy to have to use a legacy (no longer enhanced) application to get this functionality.   Even Lotus Notes has "add note" functionality for a calendar invite, and those notes are displayed in-line in the meeting display ... no need to navigate to another application to see the notes.



Just come across this after telling all my users to switch to OneNote for Windows 10 to fall inline with the look and feel of the web and mobile apps.


Shame about the Outlook plugin and I am not sure if this is the roadmap for the Windows 10 version after hearing the Microsoft are back to supporting OneNote 2016.