Windows 10, Office and MSFT accounts


Hi everyone,


I've just purchased a new laptop. With Windows 10.


Before starting this machine I have a couple of questions:


1 What is best, setup with a MSFT account or use a local account


2 Which MSFT account should I use  in case of the former:
A The MSFT account I use to sign in for almost all of my stuff, the one I also use on a tablet and my phone?
B The MSFT account I created for my MSDN Office 365 Pro-plus account?


Can I use the Office 365 installation tied to account B from within my Windows account signed in to account A? Does it cause havoc? What happens with things like the App store from within Office 365 in such a case?

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It depends - is your O365 an Enterprise account, or just the consumer Home/Personal subscription?
If the device is for personal use, I'd suggest just using your Live ID / MSA to authenticate to it.
You can always have Windows 10 and Office Pro Plus using different accounts depending where the license is and profile.