window.localStorage is broken on IE 11 on Windows 7?

Copper Contributor

I'm developing a Javascript based add-in for Excel. The add-in needs to call a 3rd party web service, so the user needs to login the 3rd party so the add-in can get the oauth tokens to make web service calls.  The implementation is to use to open the 3rd party sign-in page on a separate window.  Upon successful sign-in, it will redirect back to our "signin-success" page (on the same domain as the add-in) with tokens on the URL.  This "signin-success" page will either post a message to the parent add-in window (inside Excel client) or write the token in localStorage, so that the parent add-in window can get the token.  This works well on all browser+OS combinations I tested except for IE11+Win7.  On IE11+Win7 with Office 2013, parent add-in page inside Excel client can see nothing the child window (with "signin-success" page) write into the window.localStorage.  Is this a known bug in IE11+Win7+Office2013?  Could someone suggest workaround for child window to communicate info back to the parent add-in window running inside Excel client?  Thanks!

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