Why is it possible to create broken 365 app config files?

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I've been trying to configure Intune win32 deployable Office & 365 applications for my company, and it's been driving me insane.


I used the deployment tool and the config creator to create deployments for Office, Visio, & Project.


Office worked fine, but Visio & Project have not been working at all. Just failing instantly.


I've just done hours of investigating and trial-and-error and have found the problem: Visio and Project are not available in en-gb language.


I tried installing through Intune (instant fail), then directly from the setup.exe with the config: instant fail. Neither gave any useful error information. I then changed the config to show the installation display (which was hidden, as it's meant for mass deployment), which then said the language is not compatible.


I thought that had to be a mistake, why wouldn't British English work? I then tried making it the same language as the device's Office installation (also en-gb) using MatchInstalled, hoping it was just some bug - this seemed to work, it didn't show the language error any more!


It was now showing a connectivity error. Ugh. I spent a while trying to diagnose this before changing the language in the config to en-us, and it worked instantly.


Why was I able to create the configs for Visio and Project using the official Microsoft tool with en-gb as the language when that was never going to work?

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