Where is the January security update release of current channel?

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This page (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt592918.aspx) shows the last Current Channel release to be the 4th Jan.  This is before the patch Tuesday security bulletin publication.


There was a bulletin released for Office 2016, and typically this is reflected in the same security fixes being applied to O365PP - but this hasn't happened.


MS17-002 was published on the 10th, but both the link above and https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/mt465751 show no update made for Current Channel.


Has it been held back, or for some reason does the vulnerability in MS17-002 somehow not apply to the Office apps within ProPlus?

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This does look strange, the Deferred Channel having received the MS17-002 update on 10th Jan but there is no sign of it on the Current Channel on 1611.  


So either it's not applicable or it will turn up in the next build, it would be good to know which.  1612 is making its way through Office Insiders currently incidentally and was updated on the 10th also, so maybe that will be the next Current Channel soon.


Deferred Channel (DC) 1605 and Current Channel 1611 are about 6 months apart from a code perspective. So it could very well happen, that discovered security issues is only affect a subset of available channels. The code in other channels may already have changed and the issue was (maybe unintended) mitigated even before it was discovered. Protecting customer's security is a priority for Microsoft, rest assured that no security fix is held back when it is ready.