Where are some functionalities?

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I am very disappointed concerning the lack of some functionalities under Office for Mac.


- Office - VBA: Limited content controls and others support? (they have to be added under a Windows version)

- Office: No keyboard shortcut in the tooltips:

No Keyboard shortcut on macOS versionNo Keyboard shortcut on macOS versionKeyboard shortcut on Windows versionKeyboard shortcut on Windows version

- Word: No "Inspect document" function

- Outlook: the messages "sent" are NOT visible in conversation mode! There is no option on macOS like on Windows:

Options for conversation mode on Windows versionOptions for conversation mode on Windows version

- Outlook: No folder info in the tooltips. It is impossible to find the directory where is stored the message in the search results for example.

Folder info on Windows versionFolder info on Windows version

- Outlook: Impossible to access to contact properties ==> Got it: double click is working!

Impossible to access contact propertiesImpossible to access contact propertiesContact properties on WindowsContact properties on Windows


And so on ... (I am working under macOS for only 1 month)


Could you please fill the gap between macOS and Windows version for Office 2019/365?




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One more missing feature:

- In the navigation pane, you can't use right click to delete a complete section from a title!