When will there be a fix for having two default languages at the same time?

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I have been (and many others) struggling with for years now. What I need is the possibility of having several default languages at the same time. Since I use two languages (and often on the same page) I have to change proofing language whenever I change the language to remove the red underline (for not correct).

Plugin? Mod? Anything?


Here is some example of other users struggling as well:


onenote.uservoice.com/forums (another post)


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@John_Lula I am struggling with this too. :facepalm: Have you had any joy?


The best solution I've found is to activate the short key on windows to change languages with Alt + Shift. That should also change it on OneNote. Still not an optimal solution though. I often use both languages even in the same sentence for notes, so there is still a ton of red underlinings... OneNote needs to fix this. Had this problem for four years now XD

Oh my god, it looks like a simple feature. Is it really not possible on OneNote yet to have multiple languages as valid at the same time?
Yes, I have the same issue. Hard to believe it hasn't been fixed yet. It's been many years now. It really makes it difficult to write in two languages, something essencial when using OneNote as research tool. =/
Microsoft, can you please consider adding this feature? I've been missing it since school 7 years ago, and it's still a problem this day today.