When should devices update

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sWhen moving from ConfigMgr to manage O365 updates to not being managed, when can we expect devices to get the new semi-annual monthly builds (released each Patch Tuesday)?

Currently have a test device that still haven't got this month's build even if it was released on the 9th,


If I force check for updates in the UI, it will get that build, but we want to know/see when it will automatically get it,


Thank you in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions

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For unmanaged devices, Microsoft is staggering the rollout. Typically the update should be available to all devices within a week to 10 days. Manually triggering the update check will overrule the staggering mechanism. The time frame is dynamically adjusted based on update adoption and diagnostic signals, so it may vary from month to month.

Have you had a look at Servicing Profiles? This is a way to offload updates to the OfficeCDN, not using ConfigMgr and still staying in the know as an admin. Read more.

Thank you for the information, I'll see if my devices update this week and also test setting a deadline.

Yes we've looked at servicing profile (I'm the guy who ask tons of questions in last week ask the experts ;)

Thks again for your help

We're trying to see what not managing them while the servicing profile adds the ability to set something else than the MAC (we use the SAC and SACT)
If we set the GPO to specify a deadline in 5 days, will this have the same effect as forcing it or do we have to set deadline after that period of 7 to 10days?


No need to adjust the deadline.


If deadline is set to an integer (e.g. 5 days), it starts counting from the moment the client has downloaded the updates. So e.g. it will take 3 days before your client is in a wave of an update, then it downloads the update and saves the timestamp. Then it tries to apply the update. If it can't it will compare if "current time" is < "timestamp+deadline". If yes, it will wait for the next evaluation cycle (several times a day). If current time is past "time stamp + deadline", it will start to prompt the user and after ~2 days force the update. If it can apply the update in the mean time (e.g. during reboot), the prompts will stop.


If deadline is set to a date, the same overall process will apply, but a device downloading the udpate after your set deadline will basically immediately prompt the user for the first time (from this point on, again the user has ~2 days to accept the app reboot).