When opening OneNote client from SharePoint Notebook, get an error "We couldn't open that location."

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When attempting to open the OneNote Windows Desktop client from SharePoint, we are getting the error, "We couldn't open that location. It might not exist or you might not have permission to open it. Please contact the owner of onenote:https://companyname.sharepoint.com/sites/SiteName/SiteAssets/Name #1 (V 04, 08, 97 for more information."


I gave myself full admin permissions to the site and can fully access it on SharePoint, so it shouldn't be a permissions issue. The original owner of the site is also unable to open this notebook in OneNote.


Initially, I thought it might be the way that it was named as the name of the notebook was "Name #1 (V 04, 08, 97 & 377) Notebook." Note that everything after the ampersand in the original error was missing so I thought that maybe just renaming the file would resolve it, but alas, it has not.


Now the error reads: "Please contact the owner of onenote:https://companyname.sharepoint.com/sites/SiteName/SiteAssets/Name #1 (V 04, 08, 97 and 377 Notebook/Untitled%20Section.oneDesign%20Kick-Off for more information." The last part is the section name and tab.


When attempting to open the Notebook on mobile, I get the error: "OneNote can't open this notebook because it has been deleted or moved. Please check the link address and then try again."


  • I have renamed it multiple times but still cannot open in the desktop app.
  • Other SharePoint Notebooks that I have access to in the tenant I'm able to open just fine.
  • I have run a repair on my office install.
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I am having this same issue and nothing seems to work. I have OneNote on SharePoint Online and trying to open that in OneNote Desktop App. However re-creating the OneNote by copying all sections and page one by one from the affected OneNote to a new created OneNote will work. This is just a workaround till we get some solid answers from Microsoft.

The root cause of this error is 99% redundant permissions given to OneNote. In my case I had given permission to affected user via a distribution group as it is getting inherited from the parent. Also, permission was given directly when sharing OneNote. So, remove the permission given through group and just sharing the OneNote will resolve this issue.
I had multiple affected users having unique permission setup like I said, and this resolved the issue of syncing.
Troubleshoot Steps (Must have Owner/Admin permission to perform):

1. Check if affected user has been granted permission to OneNote multiple times. i.e. directly, via SharePoint security group etc.

2. Next, I would suggest removing the user completely from OneNote. And make sure user has been given permission just once. 
I hope this make sense!
This has resolved this same issue for multiple affected user.

In my case it was because of the file name having a space in it and the system reading that space as a break or end of filename. Therefore, there wasn't a file in that location with the truncated name. That's it.

Oh, I see. Thanks for sharing that.
I am glad that the issue is resolved on your end.



File name and change may also cause the issue