What is the recommended solution for a shared repository of onenote files? We were using docs.com :(

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Office 365 customer with no on-premise storage who has a bunch (150-200) OneNote files that are shared within the organization (and some shared to be shared externally).



  • Centralized storage
  • Files to be organized - was using Docs' "Collections" to group and control access
  • Mostly shared within the Org, but some external sharing may be needed


Would you:

  1. Create an Azure File Share or buy a NAS? How do you structure access when OneNote doesn't really store the files where you think it does on a file system?
  2. Is there a good sharepoint site template for this? Again how would you organize and provide a easy to use interface for users from Desktop and Mobile?
  3. OneDrive for business? Just like file share - how to manage/structure the storage/sharing


I am really hoping there is a good solution out there somewhere. Its funny how Docs really worked well for OneNote. Too bad its dead in 4 days.



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The OneNote sharing mechanism is independent of SharePoint file sharing mechanism, hence you are forced to use OneNote's own procedures.

See https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Share-a-OneNote-2016-for-Windows-notebook-with-other-people...




Unfortunately I wasn't asking about how to share. I am aware that OneNote has its own sharing mechanism. That does not deal with managing and controlling a central repository of OneNote notebooks.



SteveX creates 6 OneNote notebooks.

   Notebook 1,2,&3 are intended for all Employees

   Notebook 4,5,&6 are just for Sales people and sales managers.


  1. When new employees join the company, how do they get/find Notebook 1-3
  2. When new sales people join how to do they get/find to Notebook 1-6?
  3. What happens if Steve leaves the company and IT needs to free up his license?



Docs.com had provided a nice, centralized storage location. 


Problems with OneDrive for Business:

If SteveX puts his notebooks into OneDrive for business and shares it to the correct security groups... OneNote does a good job of hiding where/how files are stored resulting in confusion:

  • Its often not clear where the "master" file is actually stored - mostly you see shortcuts
  • SteveX leaving the company causes problems as moving "notebooks" doesn't seem to supported - and sure wouldn't move the OneNote "sharing" settings.
  • Sharing to a group doesn't magically give new people links even if they have access.


Thus my question was  about "shared repository of OneNote files" not "how do I share". In my case I have hundreds of OneNote notebooks to deal with not just the 6 used in the above example.


I hope this clarifies my question. 



In a related note, SharePoint on-premise typically creates a separate library for OneNote notebooks. 


Is this still the recommended practice to create a central location of shared notebooks for Team sites in Office 365?