What happened to the Office Training site?

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Ther used to be a Office training site (officetraining.microsoft.com) that had a great set of tutorials for end users. I can no longer sign into the site, nor can I find the training tutorials.

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I does appear to be broken, I just get the 'we're working on it' spinner. I'll see if we can log an incident.

Same symptoms on my side. Tried with all browser types, etc. Hopefully this comes back, it was a useful site for our adoption process.
Interesting (still broken), but I just got an email from Microsoft announcing the End of Life of the site.

Hi Bill, I was able to visit the site today. Let us know if you still cannot access the site. here's a screenshot from today.



@Fred Duarte Still same status

Office Training SiteOffice Training Site

Am also getting same error.

@Bill Diekmann, I'll check internally who owns this site and troubleshoot further. Thank you for the update.

Fred Duarte : Thanks for the update.

We are retiring this page as noted in my screenshot. Here's a closer look at our notice:




As noted, please visit http://aka.ms/officetc


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