Using ON 2010 and 2019 in the same notebook?

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Our org is currently on Office 2010 and we are about to roll out Office 2019 -through M365. We are trialling 2019 with a few users to identify issues and think we have come across an issue for the trial.


Are there any issues with using different versions of the desktop application at the same time in the same notebook?

A Workteam of 10 people uses shared OneNote Notebooks that are located on a network share. Two of the users in the team are going to trial 2019 and the remainder stay on 2010.  e.g. Can:

- all users still use the same notebook without corruption or issue?

- they leave the shared notebook in the same network share and use it from there?

Are there any things we should be aware of in this situation?

If the answer to any of these is no, then i think we will have to not trial 2019 with any teams that have shared notebooks and just wait until the whole org moves to 2019. At that stage, i assume that keeping the notebook on the shared network drive will be no issue?


Thank you



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