Using Find and Replace to switch the All Caps text with the lowercase text

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Hi, I'm using a Mac with Microsoft Word, and sometimes things go wrong with Find and Replace. I'm trying to switch the positions of the all-caps text and the lowercase text in a list of items (sample pasted below). Since I can't figure out a macro to make that possible, I've tried to get Find and Replace to highlight the all-caps text so that I can cut it and then paste it into a new column. Unfortunately, nothing happens when I tell the app to find the all-caps text. Maybe I just need to somehow make a macro?

ABRUS PRECATORlUS  – john crow beads

ACALYPHA WILKESIANA  – headache bush


ACROCOMIA SLEROCARPA  (macaw palm)  makafat

ALBIZZIA LEBBEK  – woman tongue

ALCHORNEA LATIFOLIA  – lob lob;  jimmy wood

ALLIUM SATIVUM  – (garlic)  gyaalix

ALOE VULGARIS  – sinkle bible;  bitters;  bittaz

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