User Report on which version of Office 365 Pro is installed on machine

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If this has been posted before, forgive me as I couldn't find any info, but is there a report that can be run in the admin console or in PowerShell that will determine which version of Office 2016 Pro a user has installed on their machine, e.g. I currently have Version 1801 (Build 8828.2010)?  I'd use this report to see if users are updating their version regularly.  Thanks!

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No such thing with O365. Best you can get is on which devices has the user activated Office, but that's a very manual task. If you are in a domain environment, you can run some scripts/queries and gather that information from user's machines, or even specialized tool which generate such "inventories". But that wont be able to cover home PCs for example.

@VasilMichev, Thanks, that is what I was afraid of.  I understand the inventory tools you can get can, but I have several users who work on the road most of the time or work remotely and that would leave them out and that is why I was hoping there was a way in office 365 since they do connect to it.

Well, some of the audit logs expose client information, and if you are using AD FS you should be able to get some additional info as to the client version from there. But there is no built-in report and no plans for such, afaik.