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I work for a government legal agency that is not permitted to store our information outside of Canada.  We're on Exchange 2010, and I've been looking at OneNote as a possible tool for our lawyers to help organize cases.  In my research I discovered that the old desktop version is being phased out for the straight OneNote application.  When I attempted to run the OneNote application on Windows 10 there was no option for using my Exchange server.  I believe I saw a workaround using Sharepoint, but our Sharepoint only is accessible internally, so using that as a source is out.


So, as long as my users are using their Windows 10 tablets they're OK (provided the Sharepoint workaround actually works).  It's when they want to utilize their iPhones/Android devices that problems kick in.


Is there any way to ensure that our info only syncs to Canadian MS cloud servers, or that access via OWA or some other mechanism?

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Hi @clicker666

I would consider Office 365 government plans here

There are several reasons here
1.) Exchange 2010 is out of support in 2020 and you'll need to move this
2.) The Office 365 Government plans have OneNote which works with all other 365 applications including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive
3.) This will work with IOS/Android applications
4.) This will sync to Canadian MS Cloud servers

Datacentres were opened in Canada a few years ago

This is the recommended solution. Any other would simply be a workaround. You could possibly look at OneDrive for Business as a short stop and house the OneNote files in there then use the OneDrive application on the IOS/Android device, however that still wouldn't like integrate with Exchange Server. AFAIK, that functionality isn't there.

Hope that helps to answer your question.

Best, Chris