Urgent Onenote Problems on Samsung Phone

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this post to describe a problem I am facing now about running Microsoft Onenote on Samsung A60's Android 10 system.
Before updating from Android 9 to Android 10, everything worked fine. However, just after the update, the syncing function of the app was totally ruined. The detailed situations are, 1) Onenote cannot find the notes in Onedrive automatically and 2) The notes can never be synced to the Android phone (as the attached photo shows).
I have tried all the cliche solutions including but not limited to
1) Deleting Onenote cache
2) Deleting Onenote data
3) Reinstalling the app
4) Signing out and signing in
5) Removing the account and adding it back
I have borrowed other people's non-Samsung Android phones with Android 10 and my Onenote notes worked well on them. It seems that my particular phone has a problem with handling this app.
After searching on the web, I found that some other users using Samsung A71 have the same problem. I believe these problems are related. Maybe there are some conflicts between Onenote, Android 10 and Samsung phones hidden deep inside the code.
Since Onenote is my everyday tool. I am experiencing inconvenience now. Please help me.
Thank you.

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@lester1027Sync issues with OneNote are unfortunately, very common.


The only certain method to repair is to create new OneNote Notebooks and use the built in copy function to copy the tabs to the new notebook.

@Kotus-Tech Thank you for your reply. Even this method did not work.

@lester1027- Possibly you can use OneNote on the web until this is resolved. 


You can get to OneNote on the web via OneNote.com, or going to Microsoft 365 home page and using the menu in the upper left corner to select OneNote, or use OneDrive Consumer or OneDrive for Business and navigate to your notebook and open it by clicking on it.