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I have a very odd issue that I am having trouble tracking down.  We have Office 365 ProPlus installed on all our machines via SCCM.  SCCM is also setup to deploy the monthly updates to all machines. At present we run updates once a month taking the monthly channel build update form the middle of each month and push that out.

All endpoints are configured via GPO and SCCM to allow SCCM to manage the update process on all machines.



Each month I have a handful of machines that appear to obtain a different update build that hasnt been configured within SCCM.  Each month the affected machines are different and I am unable to see a pattern.  


Anyone seen this or have any ideas on what to check next?

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@CookieW great question.  I recently wrote a post on how things are *supposed* to work, can you review it and take a look at the FAQ section under SCCM scenario?  The post is here: Understanding Office 365 ProPlus Updates for IT Pros (CDN vs SCCM).  There have been a few bugs in the past but to my knowledge those have all been fixed, even in latest Semi-Annual Channel version.  


Do you have any software packages in Software Center which change channels, call OfficeC2rClient.exe (not supported) or add\remove Visio or Project?  The reason I ask is anytime you request a change, by default Office Client will always pull the latest build for respective channel from CDN.  Due to customer feedback we recently added a feature called "MatchInstalled" which basically says, just do it but keep the same version of everything even if newer build is available.  Is it possible these few machines are getting a configuration change we call "2nd Install" and MatchInstalled is not being used?  This would explain observation. 


One additional thought,  "Monthly Channel release is supported only until the next Monthly Channel release is available." We think about Monthly in terms of customers using CDN with Delivery Optimization for this scenario because the number of builds released are very frequent.  So while this has nothing to do with your question I wanted to make sure you knew support statement for Monthly.  Customers who need more time\predictability tend to use Semi-Annual or Semi-Annual (Targeted).


Let us know if these are plausible explanations.  If not, get in touch with MS Support who can gather logs and have in depth review.