Unterstanding O365 ProPlus C2R Features Releases and Buildnumbers

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So, I'm having troubles finding features that should already be release according to build numbers listed here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/mt465751


Latest example (many previously): I have the latest CC build installed from  November 10, 2016 Version 1610 (Build 7466.2038). Yet I don't see the Shared with Me feature (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/See-files-others-have-shared-with-you-e0476dc7-bf2f-4203-b9...).

I definitely have files in the "Shared with Me" view in OneDrive for Business. 


Other features I'm missing (even from older builds): 


Any ideas whats going on exactly and why some features are not showing up for us? Are features somehow language restricted possibly? We're running german C2R installations.

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I have the same version and I don't have 'Shared with me' either but I do have some of the new features listed alongside it, such as Editor as well as Word Researcher.


Ink Replay (can't check on a desktop I think) but I did get a pop-up at first launch that this was one of the new features.


I have the Skype new visual look, correction I did have it but it's rolled back to the old look and this is confirmed in the comments to the linked article 


"Anyone else noticed that the visual update appeared to be rolled to Current channel in build 7369.2054, but then just 8 days (and two point builds later) it got removed again? Rolling back to either build 7369.2054 or 7369.2055 gets the new UI, but 7466.2038 reverts it."


I have PowerPoint Designer & Zoom, as well as Publish to Power BI in Excel


How bizarre!  Maybe "Shared with me" was removed unannounced like the Skype Visual Updates or never added in 1610, though that wouldn't explain why you don't see some of the features that I have, in the same version as you. 

Interesting, and glad I'm not completely alone with this.

Since I only (auto) release one O365 Client CC build per month, this is probably the reason why we've "skipped" the Skype Visual changes.

As for "Ink Replay" I think this might be a Windows 10 Creators Update (17xx) thing.

How would Microsoft remove a feature from the latest available build without releasing a newer one? I don't think that's the case.

I tested under FR for Current Channel 1611 and Shared with Me does appear, as does the new look in Skype for Business.


To add, @Deleted feedback, that the Skype new look didn't make a build in CC and it should be back in, though I am not seeing it just yet.

Just to say you should see the Skype for Business new look on the most recent Current Channel from this week - 1611 (Build 7571.2072). The new look returned after being absent for a while in some in-between releases.


Edit - "Shared with Me" is also available in this release.

will review this tomorrow, thanks

Hi @Cian Allner, I can confirm the Skype visual update, but there is still no "Shared with Me" in the Open Menu of any Office 2016 application. 

I have Office 365 ProPlus de-de (from E3) Version 1611 (build 16.0.7571.2075).

I honestly don't know why that is the case.  It's odd.  I'd personally build a vanilla vm or other test system, maybe off domain and see if this issue follows.  Use an ordinary, fresh ODT install even, try non de-de perhaps.  You are missing other features like the upload to OneDrive in Outlook, yet you see the new visual changes on Skype.  I don't know how that is possible., ruling out a dodgy install or something else (GPO, language settings - longshot, not sure really).


FYI I am still on . 2072, I haven't upgraded to .2075 but that shouldn't make a difference.  I have Shared with Me and the OneDrive upload features.

My last response was from a fresh Win 1607 install with a freshly downloaded ODT setup through SCCM. I was on Win1511 before.
Still de-de though. Will give the English version a shot