Typing error on Excel for Mac - need help please!

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Hello, I am experiencing a typing error on Excel for Mac (Version 16.52) and it's really starting to annoy me. I've put up with it for ages as I can't find a solution anywhere.


Basically I click into a cell and start typing but instead of instantly getting autocomplete lists visible below, nothing appears. Worse still is that the font visible on screen starts to shift to the left as I type - so much so that eventually it just shifts off the viewable worksheet entirely. It's as if Excel can't recognise that I'm typing letters/words.


At first I thought it was a formatting issue but nothing on my worksheet has been changed. To further reinforce this, all I have to do is delete what I've just typed, click back into the cell and start typing again and it is instantly corrected - the autocomplete list pops up and the text stays where it should be on screen.


I've attached a video of the problem. Can anyone suggest why this is happening and let me know if it can be fixed please?

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