Teams Posts & Files Tabs - making Files Tab as the default AND Renaming the General channel

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Hi there


Two queries.


Is there a way we can make the Files the default tab when opening Teams, currently this is Posts and most people are looking for a file, so it becomes an extra click. Alternatively can we change the order of the Post and Files tabs, so Files comes first.


Re the General folder - is there a way to rename this


Many thanks


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In regards to making the Files Tab as the default, this feature is not available and has been requested by others for a few years.  Here is the most recent spot available that I know of to vote and voice support for this feature to be implemented.



I feel like Microsoft changes it's support and features sites every couple years or so in an effort to be able to say we're working on it and not make it look like it's been being worked on for five years and no progress is being made. I've bookmarked requests that eventually turn into the 404 error and I find out there's a new feedback/requested features site with all newly populated requests. Sus, if you ask me.
Someone at Microsoft - please read and act on this heartfelt plea. It makes no sense to add an extra and completely unnecessary step (click) when trying to access files kept in teams. Dramatically reduces the usefulness of the product. Please act!


I fully agree that it makes no sense that each time we need to click a menu more before accessing our files, the post is not so frequently used in working ambient, please MS act on it and provide a way to customize the default tab.

@YolandaZongpingLiu nonsense. Then use SharePoint and/Or sync the files. The value of Teams is the combination of communication (posts), apps ánd files. Elseway; you are using the product in an incorrect way. My advice: Focus on the core values of teams and use it in its full potential or move away from it. That saves a lot of frustrations. The posts should be the center of your collaboration within a Channel. 

I totally agree with this idea... wish Microsoft would implement it. 


We seldom if ever use the Posts tab. Over the course of the day, we access the Files tab dozens of times, and it sure would be nice if it was the default folder instead of Posts.

"nonsense"? That's a rude response to someone's honest post about THEIR experience. Microsoft should absolutely allow users to customize the experience to fit THEIR needs, not force flows that don't make sense. You ought to apologize for your rudeness.

Here's info on the upcoming updates to the Teams UI. A lot of marketing fluff here and focused on chat—ugh. Classic MS: take one idea and force it and only it so that all other functions get waysided.
Not every Team can be chatting all the time!! Nor do we want to be!!

But my point is: It DOES make sense, a I mentoined in reply (Or did you stop reading after “nonsense”?. Because I would gladly repeat is. As I do at my costumers all the time.

You might not like my style, but I sincerely hope you get the point.

Kind regards!

@Maurits_Mes Rigidity to your style doesn't make sense. UxD 101: software should align to customer, not customer align to software. I align my advice to my customers' individual style. Microsoft should allow for customization—why would that be a problem?

Ah c’mon! Then atleast motivate why it doens’t make sense to you. I would love the debate :)
You edited your message. Answer: to “force” people in a positive way to use the Channel conversations and files. If you allow this customization customers will skip to the files directly and the Posts will die a lonely death… because people will fall back in old, bad habits. Collaboration in Teams is about chat, files and apps. When you remove 1 of those, the core value of the entire platform is gone.

Tip: dont just answer the primary question of your customers, but explain them how to use Teams in a correct way and guide them in this change. That Will result in more efficient communication and collaboration.

Good night.
The page above doesn't seem to exist. Or at least the link is broken.
People work in different ways. If Teams wants to be effective they need to allow folks like me and te others here to access their files. In my department, nobody uses posts. We work in small teams and prefer chat. This response lacks empathy.

Well, this isn't a debate forum. If you aren't having this issue nor care about it (edit to explain, "it" being the implementation of files as a default tab), then why are you still here? Please move on.

Why do you dictate the way a user should use Teams? The product is not used in an incorrect way. The flaw lies with Microsoft's lack of tab "capability" within Teams.
I have the task of teaching people to use Teams purely to create a shortcut to OneDrive to allow access to files. These users are "old school" or naïve in computer abilities. The task though simple to many is something they do not need too often and the use of SharePoint for file access is much too complex for those that are used to accessing files via File Explorer.
The tab change should be a simple matter for Microsoft to improve and by the number of requests it seems to be an "in demand" feature request
We recently move our shared files on the server to Teams and i was looking for a way to set Files in Teams as a default to save times. We have been using posts in Teams to communicate but now we need quick access our files as well. Having the ability to freely default would be a great feature for Teams.
One thing I've learned over the years, is that each person has a way that makes sense to them. And if you try to force someone to do something in a way that does not make sense to them and their brain you end up causing a lot of unnecessary stress, and ill will for them, often to the point of they refuse, or go out of their way to NOT use the program or feature. Allowing them to customize software in an easy and minimal way like this OP is requesting will do more good than harm in the long run. It will allow the user to set it up so it makes sense and is easy for them to use and navigate, which will create a "good feeling" towards the software and allows them to find and be taught other ways the software can make their work life more efficient and useful. You might be surprised what the user using the software in the "wrong" way may dream up that helps the entire team to be better and more efficient, not just how the few people who originally designed the software thought it should work best.