Sync text paragraph in Word document with Note from OneNote

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Hey, folks,

I'm new to the community but fairly acquainted to OneNote and wondered whether the software might have a solution for another inconvenience I'm having.

I have a Word document with several paragraphs and a pleasing design that is, nevertheless, difficult to display on my mobile. That said, I'd very much like to update the text from my mobile while I'm not at home and have the changes update within the Word-*doc automatically.

Therefore I was wondering whether a Note in OneNote can be synchronized to a paragraph in a word document so that when I edit the text in OneNote and open the Word document when I'm back home, the *doc automatically updates the edit from OneNote - so that text editing can essentially happen completely in OneNote.

What do you guys know about that? I'm using all the newest versions so feel free to shoot :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


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Hello! Don’t screw up your OneNote :flushed_face:Text editing with syncronising all word content can be realized in OneDrive. First upload your docx file to your OneDrive, then you can create a link from that file to your OneNote Notebook. Do it with Word and onedrive, i suggest! Have a good Weekend, Greets, Eva