Sync Free/Busy Between Calendars In The Same Tenant

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TL;DR: How to sync free/busy from one calendar (e.g. personal) to another (e.g. business) in the same tenant?


I principally use two mailboxes (email & calendar) within my tenant, one for personal use and one for business use. I also use Microsoft Bookings linked to my business calendar. I am finding that people are booking time with me via Microsoft Bookings when I am already busy because the meeting I am busy in is on my personal calendar.


How do I send free/busy information from my personal calendar to my business calendar?


Microsoft Support have simply said 'this is not possible', but I know that worst case I can use Power Automate to create a 'placeholder' appointment item in one calendar when triggered by an appointment being created in another. But this seems like a right faff!


There must be an easier way?

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There are no OOTB options for that, but yes, can be done programmatically. There are also third party add-ons.

@Vasil Michev Many thanks for the advice. I'd rather avoid 3rd party plugins if I can and I managed to achieve this via Power Automate. A bit of a faff to setup (you have to consider create, update and delete actions) but it's done now. My personal calendar now syncs free/busy to my business calendar, and all is well with the world again ;)