Sync error - need help ASAP

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Use school email for OneNote. got a job as a tutor, then my email changed. I'm guessing that cause the error. I have talked with tech support from my university. They joined the two emails or something. Still have sync issues. Recently called back, and they told me that a lot of student are having OneNote sync errors as well.

Onenote for windows 10 Version 16001.14326.20018.0
School: UTSA San Antonio Texas

Cannot update OneNote any further. Unless windows store is bugged. I have updated windows 10 all the way to fix the issue but it is still there.

NO I will not "sign out and sign back in" because that will risk loosing data. I have gone through the forums and nothing has helped. I have tried resetting the windows store with the wsreset command. Still not syncing.

Page has never been synced | E0001462 bukxq 30105 | 2a3f0668-a1c9-4fb4-91f1-75894f13f2e2 202109040400



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we are having the same issue since Sep 03, our one is intermittent and it might work for a bit then will get the sync error. This only happens in the Windows 10 OneNote App, others still work eg Via Teams/online onenote and using the other onenote app. I've been in touch with microsoft support but they keep giving me the run around. It seems to be happening to other organizations as well but i'm told it's not a widespread issue and they cannot replicate. Btw it's affecting our ENTIRE organization not just 1 or 2 users.

we have same problem

notebook still sync normally -> close -> re-open -> loading forever!
temp solution to use legacy onenote app

- install

- run app C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\ONENOTE.EXE
open/sync notebook!

@MathSlayer same issue here: OneNote Mac and OneNote iOS cannot sync.

Error message is: OneNote can't connect to the network. We'll try to sync your notes when the network is available. (Error code: 0xE000006B blg57)


The online (web) version works, but the native apps do not.


Same issue for me too: OneNote Microsoft 365 on iPhone and OneNote for Windows 10 does not sync. The online (web) version does seem to sync OK.


IOS and Windows run thru WiFi (IOS provider is Telstra Mobile (Perth Australia) and home broadband is iiNet fibre network). If I turn off WiFi and access through the underlying Network, the sync works. So I rebooted WiFi router, the sync worked OK for a day (on both IOS and Windows) but then the error returned as before. 


Error message in IOS is: "OneNote can't connect to the network. We'll try to sync your notes when the network is available. (Error code: 0xE000006B clp0b)"

Same problem. Doesn't' work on Onenote for Mac, or Windows 10 Onenote but web version okay and Onenote 365 on Windows works - been like this for about 5 days. Tried closing and reopening notebooks, logging off and on, even uninstalling and reinstalling Onenote on Mac. Same problem on Android and IOS versions. All versions are at the latest update level. 


Also if I try to open the notebook from the web app I get an error, so I believe the problem lies in the security/verification routine that is not use on the legacy Windows app. Maybe another MS hacking attempt?

Do any of you use a VPN? When I shut down / turned off ExpressVPN it worked?


Correction - it worked for a while but when I restarted Onenote it was back to the same problem.

@Greghk No I'm not using VPN.


My Notes are (and have always) been syncing, I think. I make edits in one environment and it does Sync in the others e.g. IOS, Windows, Web.  The frightening thing is the Sync Error comes up all the time and says it has not Synced. 

Thanks you are right, it still does sync across different platforms, even though it shows the Sync error. Tested changing a note on  Mac/OS, IOS, Android, OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote Office 365 - a change on one get syncs to all other platforms.  Frustrating!


Any response from Microsoft?

same here. cannot syn notebooks in different devices.
I am working in a school and I just can't get my teaching materials prepared.
Have had the same problem for 2 days but found a solution today, might not work for everyone. I clicked more notebooks then add notebook(+) which brought up the sign in page, I backed out of it and they stated syncing
We are having the same issue across our entire school community (1600+ Individuals). OneNote will occasionally work then some randomly will get an error message, then all will get an error message. Started last week approx 3rd Sep. Online is fine, just through app it’s problematic. We have tried all appropriate steps.
Same here with One note for windows 10
Seems OneNote has rectified itself after a week of syncing error across our entire school community. Is everyone seeing the same? Back in order?
Yes, all platforms, Mac OS, OneNote 10 for Windows, IOS and Android all seem to be okay.

Why don't MS inform and communicate these errors to the public so we are aware they are looking into it, instead of leaving us to scramble high and dry.

Yes looks like it's back and staying working. I can't see any incidents reported for this error
Yes I am back up too, not impressed that we got ignored by Microsoft comms. I reckon it was caused by a sun flare (that’s a joke, for those rushing outside to see it). :thumbs_up: