Sync Error- E0001462 bukxq 30102 server issues

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Hi fellow user,

I wonder if someone can help me with this error. I have about 20 pages in a section, inside a section group, each with a small audio file and a pdf, plus handwritten notes. This error appears for the last few pages, saying OneNote can't sync now, and that the pages with the issue were last synced at a specific time, a few hours ago. 

This is actually a copy of a previous Notebook I was using, but got a lot of E000145C bukxh 10007 errors, from trying to use it in 2 devices at the same time, I've since made this new notebook copy i'm using, and only one one device. 

Do you have any ideas? Could it be some sort of size issue with the section or section group?

I've tried to contact support, but there is no technical support for OneNote from the Windows Store, and leave feedback on the app itself. 

I won't close the Notebook or reinstall the app, as that will lead to data loss. 


I can try to copy the page somewhere else, and copy back again, but I want to understand WHY I even have to do that in the first place. 


I sincerely appreciate any help you could provide to this issue, 
Stay healthy and safe

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@Maze905 - create a new folder in OneNote and move the offending pages to it (right click a note and "move"). That might resolve the sync issue once they are separated. If you find that they still don't sync once they're in a separate notebook folder, then one or all may be corrupt. If that's the case, you could try starting with a new folder and manually rebuild each page. By that I mean copy/paste the individual elements of each note. Copy any text then pictures and handwritten elements etc. one at a time, in effect rebuilding your note(s) from new. That may help remove any issues that are affecting the sync. Suggest you force a sync after each page, that way, if the first is successful then you know you're on to a solution. If you find you get so far and get stuck then you will have found an offending page that may need to be deleted completely.

The same happened with me right around the date you posting this query on. I wonder if it's connected. I would suggest you to reach out to MS support