Sync error E000145C bukxh 10007

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Hi everyone,

This error message keeps appearing in notes when a section reaches a certain size. The pages will keep showing  this error, even if I leave it to sync, or select sync repeatedly. 
The only sugestions I can find is to move the notes one by one to fix it, or close the notebook or reinstall OneNote, which would result in data loss of unsynced pages.

Do you know what this code means, and how this can be fixed?

I had noticed this before when using multiple devices, but this time I only have this opened in one machine

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Its a photo or image that usually gets a .png extension. Try removing the offending image from the OneNote page. You could take a copy of it first and save in a folder on your PC for safekeeping (copy/paste will work). Once removed, see if the sync will complete. If it does then it was definitely the .png file giving you the issue.


If that is the case and you really need the image on your note, you could try reinserting (in case it got corrupted the first time) or, if not, use the photo's app on W10 to change the .png to a .jpg (for example), add it to your note and see if that works.