[Suggestion] - Outlook - Insert Shapes And Anchor To Image


I may be using this feature wrong, 


But I frequently insert an image or screenshot into an email. I then use Insert -> Shapes and select an arrow to point to the location of the screenshot that I am highlighting (like Microsoft's knowledgebase articles, for example). I will sometimes even use the rectangle or circle option to draw either shape around the text I am highlighting to send. 


When I go to send the email while composing the email maximized on my monitor where everything is sized appropriately, everything looks good. But when previewing the email from the preview pane in Outlook, the images are scaled down, but the shapes aren't scaled and aren't kept relative to where they were inserted in the original email.


1. Is it possible to anchor the inserted shapes to the image that also inserted into the email and therefore avoid this confusion?


2. Is it possible for the shapes to start to scale with the image when it is downsized in the preview pane?


3. Can a feature be added for images added into Outlook to be able to mark up the image, add highlights, draw circles, etc?






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