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Dear community.


I am experiencing trouble with Office Outlook through my Office365 Pro Plus. I have trouble adding a signature to my account. 

I have been searching around for possible solutions already, which seem to have solved the problem for others, however not me.

The suggested solutions I have tried so far have been:


- Uninstall the preinstalled version of Office for my computer.

- Uninstall Office 365 ProPlus and then re-installing it.

- Repair Office with the suggested tools online.

- Uninstall and reinstall Office with tools suggested online.


Another problem I experience is that I have duplicate icons from all the Office apps on my start-menu. Maybe this has something to do with it?


I would appreciate any help or inputs!


Thank you.

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Try to uninstall Office using the tool mentioned in the below article...


Once it is done.. check if the office icons are gone or not.. if the icons are gone install office and then check if that fix the issue or not...


If not share the screenshot of the issue that you are facing.. i.e any error messages that you are getting while adding your signature




Robin Nishad

@Robin Nishad 

I have tried to reinstall using that tool. However, what appears to be the office 2016 icons still remain in my menu. They are empty, and nothing happens when I try to run any of them, click on any of them or if I try to remove any of them.


It is hard to know what to screenshot, as I do not receive any error messages. They simply won't disappear, and whenever I reinstall Office 365 again, I end up with two icons of each and my outlook-app freezes (no error messages) as soon as I try to enter the signature-menu.


Any other ideas? 


Kind regards.



Are you using Win 10, Win 7 or Mac...?


Is that a personal PC or Domain Joined..?


Finally is it a new PC or you have data on it.. I mean can you re image that PC.. 




Robin Nishad