Sign-in pop-up does not work in Office, Office 365 ProPlus Student

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I had some trouble with my office a few days ago. A microsoft support guy suggested to remove office and reinstall it all again, because there might be an issue with my license. So I did that and I also bought a new student license (4 euros per year here in the netherlands). 

This site, where you buy it, creates a new email adress. When I want to sign-in with this different email address, different than my personal account which it is standard signed-in with, a pop-up comes up. When I fill in my email address, created by the site I bought the license, and I press continue to fill in my password, this pop-up just dissappears. When I use a different Microsoft email address, it does not dissappear. When  I click 'activate' in e.g. Word, 'confirm your account' pops up and the same pop up issue proceeds.

Any ideas on what is causing this issue? Or rather, how it can be solved? Is there an option to link my unique user ID to my personal account, and thus link the license to my personal account? It is an Office 365 ProPlus for Students. 

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@RoyalVirginperhaps the information and instructions on these sites can help you out?


Switch your Office license


Change your Office product key


Under the Command line tab you can also see instructions for running the tool/script ospp.vbs


If nothing works then reach out to Microsoft support once again.

@ChristianBergstrom Hello, unfortunately, there is no 'change license' option. The problem is, when I want to switch the the account with the license on it, the sign in pop up does come up, but when I enter my email address and press continue, the pop up dissappears and no option to fill in a password comes up and I am thus stuck on the other account.

Reinstalled office several times, even when I am not signed in with this 'non-licensed' email address, the bug still happens

If the previous suggestions did not work you can try deleting all saved Microsoft Office credentials from Credential Manager


We had a similar issue this month with activation.  In our case, the problem was caused by the March cumulative update for Windows 10.  The fix is to make sure you've got all of the most recent OS Updates. 

Then, open a command prompt as an admin, type:

1. net stop nlasvc and press ENTER

2. net stop netprofm and press ENTER

3. Net START netprofm and press ENTER


Close and reopen an MS Office Application and attempt to sign in.