Sharing with "Everyone" no longer available

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Can anyone help me figure out how to share with "Everyone" in my tenant? I have a OneNote Notebook that I shared with the entity "Everyone" a few years ago. It meant that when I "copy link to page" and send that link in a email to anyone in our tenant, it would bring them directly to that page (rather than 1st page of the 1st section in the Notebook - the only option if I simply send users to the "view link" for the Notebook). This is highly valuable in the current Notebook I have setup that way. 

BUT the "everyone" option no longer appears when I click "Share" on a different Notebook. Hoping to find a way to make this work. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Try "All authenticated users" and see if that works.

Thanks for the suggestion but the identity of "All authenticated users" does not appear in the directory either.